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live long. live well

andrew mclaughlan

life + health coach
are you a domesticated man escaping your  life? 

are you suffering with health anxiety? are you guilty of putting your career before your own health and family?

andrew will help you embrace lasting change via a mind-body approach to life, health, food and exercise based on an evolutionary model.  the ancestral way.

our life template is simple to follow and advocates a wide range of activities that follow our hunter-gatherer lifestyle in todays times.

getting feral and becoming primal involves simplified eating, safe exercise along with lifestyle upgrades that align with more natural patterns our forebearers were exposed to. we refer to this as optimal gene expression and what our genes expect of us to enable us to be feral again and learn all over.  


enjoying life

sleep quality

out in the sun

plenty of play


we have rules which include

keeping safe

avoiding culprit foods

inviting in good stress


 my feral grounding​ - my why

as far back as i can remember, i have always held a deep-rooted passion for optimal human health and wellness.  from a very young age i always fascinated over the length of time we have here on our planet and one that i feared was too short! this desire took a much deeper dive over the recent years and i have been down the rabbit hole of self-optimisation and have researched many methods, diets, hacks, stories and experimented in many different areas of the health and wellness space, and i feel this is pretty cool.

as a former rugby player i used to think that my weekly training sessions along with hours spent at the gym and competing in matches at weekends were enough to keep me alive and keep me going - and whilst this holds true to some extent, i often wondered whether there was more i could or should do or if a different approach was needed to optimise myself both internally and externally.


/ˈfɛr(ə)l,ˈfɪərəl/ in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication

in todays world, we have it all wrong.  our captive domesticated style of living which we think is right, confuses our natural operating system since we carry out multiple functions every day that has a major disruption on our hormones that would otherwise be supporting our health and wellbeing – this is through the way we exercise, way we move, foods we eat, when we eat, sleep habits, relationships, our light exposure and stress levels.



highly recommend get feral and andrew’s program.  superb support and step by step guidance throughout and surprisingly easier than i first thought this would be at starting something new with noticeable change in only a few weeks.  thanks for everything – i feel like i have regained control of my life with feeling stronger, leaner, fitter, sleeping much better and loving my morning routine! amazing.


are you ready for the new you and re-connect to start living a beautiful happy life just like our hunter-gatherers did for the past million years?

get feral.

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