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my feral grounding - my why

i have always held a deep-rooted passion for optimal human health and wellness.  from a very young age I was fascinated with the length of time we have on our planet as I feared it was too short! over recent years, the desire to find a way to increase the time we have has resulted in an intense period of self-optimisation. i have researched lots of methods, diets, hacks, stories and experimented in many different areas of the health and wellness space. i am a big believer in needing to experience the benefits of what you believe to be the truth.


as a former rugby player i used to think that my weekly training sessions, hours spent at the gym and competing in matches at weekends was enough to keep me alive - and whilst this holds true to some extent, i often wondered whether there was more i could or should do, or if a different approach was needed to optimise myself both internally and externally.

the motivation behind my rationale and gut determination to succeed and to help others crack their life code is strongly based on the rate of illness we now have all around us – everyone knows someone who is suffering.  i always used to think it was down to luck, but the ethos of being in the ‘lucky sperm club’ never rested well with me.  it has led me to believe that answers are out there and that our fate is actually held in the palm of our own hands – the power is within us.  disease risk ratios are increasing, degenerative diseases are increasing, mental health issues are climbing fast, our childhood rates of ADHD and a plethora of other issues are skyrocketing – why are all these so out of control?.

i became obsessed over what it takes to regain control in order to allow us to give life our best shot. the mountains of research i buried myself in over the years kept pointing to a common denominator - evolutional, ancestral living.  our ancestors' success over years of selection pressures has left us with many clues - clues we need to heed. 

i can help you escape domestication and guide you to return to your ‘wild’ or ‘unprogrammed’ state. we have all fallen victim to the systems we have learned over the years that have programmed us into a robotic-like species. the good news is we can in fact revert back to our raw state operating system and this is much easier than you might think! and before you panic, check out the real meaning of 'feral' so you can stop thinking it means a wild cat!

becoming 'feral' fundamentally means looking at your nutritional and lifestyle habits and breaking free of traditional routine and conventional wisdom. it means to be able to feel and live happily and healthily whilst unlocking your life path. it helps you to set aside your challenges and crush them before they get too big.

would you like to re-gain control? regain your energy, achieve effortless fat loss, weight management, normalise hunger levels and avoid chronic exercise workout patterns? would you like to become human again? it is easy and i will help you. 


why get feral? 

we all hate diets that don't work and exercise regimes that don’t get us excited. we have all believed useless age old mantras about 'calories in versus calories out', ’eat it and then burn it off' and 'daily sins that are allowed’. we have followed extreme exercise patterns that are way too chronic for the body. we have told ourselves sleep is overrated. but this is not your fault, it is just how you have learned in the past.


now is the time for your new education around the understanding of historic teachings to start so that you can understand how adapting real ancestral proven lifestyles will allow you to begin a new way of life. following a clear set of simplified habitual behaviours will allow you to make long lasting change without suffering or sacrifice! 

over the years i have always strived for many things, mainly a great physical body, but i always felt that something was missing. even though I would train hard and obtain my food macros (with a pasta and carbs focus).


the key came when I was began to understand that 80% of body composition is through not just what you eat, but what you don’t eat. this was the way our hunter-gatherer ancestors survived. it's all about optimal gene expression. the more I researched, the clearer it became that mimicking primal times in a modern day environment is the secret. when I followed this process, I was able to truly become feral. my operating system was re-set and I was able to use my stored and ingested fat for fuel and even increase my fat loss.


i didn’t need to rely on carbohydrates for energy every few hours or constantly need to snack, i could skip meals and actually feel better. i became cognitively attuned, had abundant energy levels and more time to play. my daily movement patterns changed, exercise routines became shorter but more beneficial and I had a clear upgrade in attitude. i wanted to just simply succeed in life and give back and help others. i didn’t realise how wrong i was 'living' life until i actually felt human again.  


even in these modern times i am living a primitive way of life, my sleep quality is great and i have changed my training. i now am able listen to my body, relaxing more without stressing over missed gym sessions and i can avoid chronic exercising. i am never hassled by the need to eat and spend more quality time than ever with my family.


i now know how it feels to thrive rather than survive and i want you to feel the same way.


that is why i decided to become a health coach and undertake the primal health coach certification and robbins madanes training, learning from some of the best in the field.


i will take huge pride in helping you take back control. you will be able to press the re-set button knowing familial predispositions can be controlled and changed for the better.


it's time to enjoy and share my knowledge and insights so that i can take you on a new and different way of life. i can help you self-optimise and upgrade because yyou deserve it.


‘’live long. live well’


andrew mclaughlan
personal development coach

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