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- a 21 day teachable program designed to take you into a primal life upgrade 


- bringing special tips and tricks to your mornings, afternoons and evening schedules 


- wanting lasting change but where the 90-day program is not for you right now


- a course with complete loving care for your health based on diet, exercise and lifestyle


- trajectory offering like nothing you have experienced with easy relatable content with video and Q+A with me at day 14


- helping you identify, implement and agree the future version of your healthiest self


- become a lion



- align with natures purpose for you and challenge today’s domestication

- 90-day programme for a full system re-set to reach your desired health goals incorporating trusted feral behaviours

- learn latest scientific research cocktailed with an ancestral approach to create an optimal everyday living environment

- you will regain control and feel optimal, improve energy levels, train efficiently, heighten performance, sleep better, rest well and stress less


- without hard sacrifices to the way you eat, drink, love and dance

- helping educate with printable and educational material

- regular review work with pure companionship to get you to where you want to be

we have rules which include

enjoying life

sleep quality

out in the sun

plenty of play


keeping safe

avoiding culprit foods

inviting in good stress


are you ready for the new you and re-connect to start living a beautiful happy life just like our hunter-gatherers did for the past million years? then get feral.

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